Programming FAQ's

How does my facility/organization request programming from ArtsBridge?

All requests for programming MUST be submitted via the application process on the ArtsBridge website. Each submission will be reviewed in the order in which they came and all parties will be contacted by the Program Director to assess immediate need.

What programming does ArtsBridge offer?

ArtsBridge currently offers Visual Arts and Musical Arts programming with a Life Skills component. A Culinary and Performing Arts program will be coming soon.

What Life Skills will be addressed?

Each program is developed on a 6 week lesson plan for each of the arts with a focus on personal, relational and citizenship life skills such as appearance, hygiene, confidence, respect, conflict resolution, team work, community participation, civic duty and self discipline. Time management, goal setting and decision making are also major components of each 6 week program.

Can my facility/organization request more then 6 weeks of programming?

A facility/organization may request as many weeks as they need, however, this will be broken down into 6 week increments so that each group of youth may be assessed and lesson plans developed accordingly.

What assessments will ArtsBridge utilize with our youth?

A comprehensive assessment has been developed with the assistance of our Advisory Council and is a compilation of the Casey, VARK and Life Skill Assessment tools.