Murals of Hope-Emanuel Project FAQ's

How does my facility/organization request a Mural of Hope?

All requests for murals MUST be submitted via the application process on the Emanuel Project website. All requests will be reviewed in the order in which they come in an all parties will be contacted by the Executive Director to assess size and funding required for each mural project.

How long after a request is granted will our mural be implemented?

Implementation of each mural depends on cost of the mural, the availability of our mural artist, the dimensions of the mural and where the mural is to be placed. Final dates will follow a complete review of the request and discussion with the Executive Director to determine afore mentioned details.

Can our mural be painted outside?

Yes, murals may be painted on exterior surfaces depending on the surface texture and components. Final determination will be made by the mural artist.

How many youth can participate in the painting of the mural?

We suggest that no more then 15 youth participate in the mural painting. The mural artist will request more or less throughout the duration of the mural project based on what his needs are. We also suggest that the youth who participate are doing so as part of an incentive program at your facility/organization.

How long does it take for a mural to be completed?

The time it takes to complete a mural is solely based on the dimension of the mural as well as the components of each mural.

Can we dictate the content of our mural?

Our mural artist will design each mural per your suggestions as well as his interpretation of what is being requested. He will submit a concept drawing of your mural for final approval prior to implementing the final product.